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TIA-3000 30 KHz to 10 GHz O/E Converter

The TIA-3000 is a versatile Optical to Electrical converter for laboratory or field use. This low profile O/E converter will faithfully reproduce an optical signal on a wide range of oscilloscopes and digitizers.

The unit is equipped with an InGaAs detector that is responsive in the wavelength range of 900 - 1700 nm. The TIA-3000 bandwidth ranges from 30KHz to 10GHz (-3dB). Applications for this converter include the General purpose testing of fiber optic components, data links and transmitter testing, LIDAR and analog RF-over-fiber links.

The TIA-3000 like other Terahertz Technologies Inc. TIA O/E  devices are shipped in a hard case with universal power supply that has interchangeable AC plugs.

Wavelength Response 900nm - 1700nm
Low Noise, High Gain
Responsivity 450V/W
Bandwidth - 10 GHz (SM)
Type K SMA Output Electrical Connector
FC/UPC Style Fiber Optic Input Connector
General Laboratory Testing of Optical Components
Front-End O/E Converter for Test Instruments
Rapid Doppler-Shift LIDAR Measurements
Analog RF Links Over Fiber
Ordering Information
TIA-3000-FC InGaAs, 30 KHz to 10 GHz O/E Converter with FC Connector
Detector Type InGaAs (900-1700nm)
Current Responsivity 0.8 A/W @ 1550nm Typical
Maximum Linear Input Power 1.25mW
Maximum Input Power without Damage 6.25mW Peak, 2.5mW Avg.
Bandwith @1550nm Typ. 10 GHz typ. (8.5 GHz min.)
Output Impedance 50 Ohms
Output Connector Type K SMA Female
Fiber Optic Input Connector FC/UPC
Input Numerical Aperture 0.11
Sensitivity -20dBm @ 10^-10 BER
Detector ORL @ 1550nm Typ. 30dB
Power Universal Power Supply
Dimensions 1.2”W x 2.5”L x 1.3”H (30.5mm x 63mm x 33mm)
Weight 5.6 oz (0.16 kg)
LED Annunciators Provided Power On
Operating Temperature Range 0° to 40°C
Standard Warranty Two Years, Component and Workmanship
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Accessories Supplied Transit/Storage Case, Operating Manual, Universal Power Supply

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